Wednesday، 4 August 2021

Persians are not Arabs!

This post is adopted from: This site will look at Persia, which at one point had been one of the greatest empires of all time. From this great culture we gained beautiful art seen...


This post is taken from SHIRAZ TRAVEL GUIDE (UNDERSTAND SHIRAZ) Shiraz is the capital city of Fars province and a treasure trove of Persian culture. Despite its size, a population of...
َAdopted from: A blogger tells us about her recent first trip to different cities in Iran. I have selected some parts. Travels in Iran I have...

Why you need to visit Iran?

This article is taken from IRANIAN HOSPITALITY WILL AMAZE YOU! There is a Persian saying which goes: “A guest is loved by God” and this is a true belief, widely...
This post adopted from: Shiite Muslims worldwide are commemorating the most important days in their faith’s history during the first month of the Islamic calendar, known as Muharram.

Visa for Iran

This is adopted from: Visa restrictions: Entry will be refused to citizens of Israel and to foreign travelers with any evidence of having visited Israel — not just Israeli entry stamps, but...

Iranian Culture

This text is adopted from: Australian Cultural atlas: The Islamic Republic of Iran is a Middle Eastern nation located at the crossroads between Arab Asia and Central Asia. While it borders seven different...

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